1687 Project

The 1687 Club was founded by a team of female entrepreneurs with deep connections in entertainment, professional sports and technology. The goal of the founders is to bring more diversity and opportunity for the underrepresented to the technology world, with a focus on WEB3. 1687 collaborates with creators and brands to help support and produce projects that help advance causes related to civil rights, equality, peace, and anything that helps make the world more fair and balanced.

1687 currently has several collaboration projects in various stages of production. In addition, 1687 has produced Icons, the first set of a series of special edition tokens that honor Icons, Influencers and Entrepreneurs. 1687 special edition tokens will always be dropped to every 1687 member token holder. Members can then choose to collect the series, sell them, or gift them to family, friends, or fans.

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1687 Club

Access to the 1687 Club is gained by owning one of the limited 1687 NFTs, which doubles as a membership card. 1687 NFT holders receive members only access to private NFT drops, brand and creator collaborations, and more. For members who are new to the NFT world, 1687 offers a full concierge service to help with digital wallet set up, NFT acquisition, avatar design, project consulting, and more.

1687 members can leverage their social reach to maximize their NFT portfolio value, or collaborate on new NFT projects with our design and production teams to create NFT projects of their own. 1687 members can access our world-class multidisciplinary studio of developers, designers, producers, artists, photographers, and animators to collaborate on NFT projects which can be shared within, or outside of, the 1687 Club.

1687 NFT

Big cats were selected as the symbol for the 1687 NFT because they represent diversity and have been used for millennia by cultures around the world to portray majesty, strength, courage, success, leadership, power influence, and justice. Big cats are the leaders of their domain, yet they exist in harmony and balance within their environments. Big cats exude confidence and charisma, have very few natural foes, and other animals respect them because of their status as the apex predator. The term “lionize” is commonly used to glorify or immortalize an individual, so big cats seemed like the perfect symbol to represent the 1687.

Whether you choose to collect, trade, gift, or sell NFT’s, 1687 will help increase your NFT portfolio with high quality NFT projects from the most influential celebrities, athletes, artists, producers, and techies in the world.

1687 Origins

The ‘1687’ concept stems from the original Crop Over tradition that began in Barbados in 1687. Crop Over was started by Barbadians as a way to celebrate the yearly harvest. Today the Crop Over Festival is a 3 month-long festival that celebrates life, music, arts, food, and culture. 1687 was inspired by the Crop Over Festival and the Kadooment carnival and endeavors to grow success and enable celebration of life’s finer things 24x7x365.

1687 Membership

There are a total of 1687 tokens (memberships) available for the 1687 club. Many members have already collected more than one token, so there will be fewer members than tokens. If you are interested in being a 1687 member, don’t delay, the 1687 tokens will not be easily accessible for long. Thank you to the all the current 1687 members. We appreciate your support and are looking forward to doing great things with you.