1687 Project

The 1687 Club was founded by a team of female entrepreneurs passionate about social good issues. The founders' vision is to bring more diversity and opportunity to the underrepresented through WEB3 technology. With deep ties to the entertainment, sports, and technology industries, our founders are collaborating with creators, brands, and influencers to produce and support projects that advance causes related to civil rights, equity, inclusivity, and representation.

1687 currently has several collaboration projects in various stages of production, including The Withers Art Project and Impact of Images, collaborations with civil rights organizations The Withers Collection, The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation, The Medgar and Myrlie Evers Institute, and Till Movie by Orion Pictures and United Artists.

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1687 Club

The Club is a group of changemakers dedicated to creating more equity and inclusivity using WEB3 technology. The 1687 Club comprises of a diverse group of individuals committed to using their reach and influence to support and produce social good projects. 1687 Club members are visionaries for change, collaborating with our world-class multidisciplinary studio of developers, designers, artists, photographers, and animators on Web3 projects that impact equity, inclusivity, and representation.

The 1687 Club NFT doubles as a membership card, giving access to our team of developers, designers, artists, and influencers. Holding a 1687 Club NFT in your wallet tells the world that you stand for inclusivity, equity, and representation. Use your membership key to unlock a world that’s more inclusive and equitable, powered by WEB3 technology and indomitable human spirit.

1687 Cats

Big cats were selected as the symbol for the 1687 NFT because they represent diversity, strength, courage, and justice. Big cats are the leaders of their domain, yet they exist in harmony and balance within their environments. Big cats exude courage and lack fear as they make their way in the world, protecting their communities and roaring into action when needed. The term “lionize” is commonly used to glorify or immortalize an individual who had a huge impact on their community or industry, so big cats felt like the perfect symbol to represent our club members.

Change will not come from those meekly standing on the sidelines of society. It comes from those willing to have the heart of a lion, to stand tall with courage in the face of oppression, to roar, fight, and claw against societal norms that elevate the few at the expense of the many. To get into the fight, you must embody the spirit of the cat.

1687 Membership

There are 1,687 total tokens (memberships) available for the 1687 Club, and many members have collected more than one token. 1687 Club Members are leading the charge for change and have the desire to take action, collaborating on projects that will give back to the underrepresented and inequitable in our communities. If you are interested in being a leader in the social good space and using your resources and influence to affect change, don’t delay. Request access to one of our 1687 Membership tokens.